Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Virgo Couples: Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant; Courtney Cox Arquette and David Arquette; Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

One thing about this combination, either it will drive you crazy or be the most interesting set of circumstances you’ve ever encountered. Virgo is one sign that is fast enough to keep up with Gemini, and Gemini, of course, likes to wear many hats for many reasons. It is not that Virgo is particularly intrigued with this odd behavior. It is more like Virgos will drive everyone to integrity if they have it at all.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman as a Virgo Man: You can be sure you’ll have lots of competition for a Gemini woman. They are so irresistible. Watch carefully and try to outwit her. Maybe you can show her something new. You are both signs that are noted for flirtatiousness so you will have to convince her you are sincere without being boring and you will have to be a shrewd observer if she’s really interested in you or you’re just another fish on the hook. While it is true that Geminis don’t like to be bored, they actually crave being relaxed and that is something that you can offer her. You can be a perfect foil for her monkey business. What a relief it is to be busted!

How to Attract a Virgo Man as a Gemini Woman: This is a pretty done deal. First of all, you Gemini women are so irresistible, you can pretty much get whoever you want. He’s as accomplished a flirt as you are so you can really get outrageous and have a ball! And he is especially equipped to appreciate your trendiness, sophistication style and up to date manners. Follow up your evening with a few witty texts the next day to keep him dancing in your corner.

Degree of Romance: If the ball really gets rolling, there can be a lot of glamorous, sophisticated romantic entendres. The delight comes in the witty repartee which you are both very good at it. This is the kind of classy combination that got so much theater play in the Joan Crawford Bette Davis era. There is nothing more sexy than an intelligent woman and you give her a good stage to perform on. She will find your one upsmanship a comforting turn on.

Degree of Passion: Passion isn’t very much a feature between these two signs. Both are high strung and nervous, but not inclined to the excesses of fiery passion which they will find exhausting and fake. Good phone sex goes a lot further with these two than an impulsive rendezvous that could be come out of control. Email and texting provide great venues as well.

Degree of Friendship: There can be a whole lot of friendship going on because there are at least five different involved. There is Virgo and his alter ego, the twins and their alter egos. That’s six. Think of a whole wilderness of monkeys to entertain you.

Degree of Marriage: This might work as a second or third marriage. It’s hard for these two to settle down and think of child rearing. But as for shared interest and activities it gets high ranks. It is especially pleasing to talk about it, then do it, then talk about it, then do it afterwards.

Progression of Relationship: This relationship is likely to be all over the map. There is so much time spent trying to sort out ambivalence, flirtation, sincerity…what is her intent? It may be all over the road at first, but you are a good driver. If you’re convinced that there is a future, you can build a logical path to success.

Sex: Getting back to the wilderness of monkeys, curiosity is a big factor here. Half the time one of the six of you will be looking down saying, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I am doing this.” For more fun, add mirrors.

When It’s Over: This could be a real messy unwinding. For one thing, you can’t stop talking about it: the way it was, the way it could have been, the way it should have been, who did what to whom, etc. That may actually double the time you’re together. If it’s really necessary to end it, I suggest the intervention of a third party. One of you, compos mentis, must insert a counselor or other authority figure to have a clean ending.

Our Rating: 5/10

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