Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Scorpio Couples: Al Pacino and Beverly D’Angelo, Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore

This relationship can be the Achievement Maximizer of the Zodiac. This is because of the Scorpio woman’s energy. You need to know what ElsaElsa said about Scorpios:

“I am forever having to tell people what they are getting from the Plutonian in their life – high quality energy. Want a tiger in your tank? Scorpio provides this and hardly anyone recognizes it, so concerned they are that the Scorpio is going to do something nasty. Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved. I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???” [end quote]

When these two pair up it can fire Taurus’ ambition to dominate the world (Hitler was a Taurus J ) Gone to extremes regarding ambition we have what I consider to be the stereotypical Taurus-Scorpio pair, MacBeth and Lady MacBeth. In another Shakespeare play the couple is same sex and the dynamic thoroughly over the top evil, but we have Iago and Othello. This time the issue is another of Taurus’ favs, sexual possessiveness and jealousy. If the Taurus man badly underestimates the emotional complexity of his partner, we have something tragic like Medea.

How to Attract a Taurus Man as a Scorpio Woman: You can definitely step out on the sexual vibration This man has “seduce me” written all over him. Most Taurus men expect the woman to do all the work of the courtship yet their low self esteem makes them suspicious (“Are you after his money?”) Don’t fall for his stingy act. Whether he takes you to Burger King, HE has to pay.

How to Attract a Scorpio Woman as a Taurus Man: Act like you are absolutely overcome with lust, speechless with desire and all choked up with emotion which shouldn’t be too far from the truth. You can act shy, too, since you always are a little bit. It will turn her on and put her on the prowl. She’ll do the rest. she finds your passivity an erotic red flag.

Degree of Romance: Romance is a little lightweight for the kind of attraction you will experience.

Degree of Passion: There is more passion, lust and desire here than any three other signs combined. It’s liable to endure a lifetime. Just keep away from the dark side.

Degree of Friendship: They make great work partners. Two people who are very committed have a “do or die” attitude towards anything they undertake together. They learn to rely on one another with a very deep bond of trust.

Degree of Marriage: Both partners believe in marriage and are likely to be faithful. They take their vows seriously. They are hard working and dedicated, loyal to the extreme and most likely very, very ambitious. Scorpio needs someone to push and Taurus needs to be pushed.

Progression of Relationship: These two don’t play games. The relationship will have something at stake early on and progress slowly but surely to a commitment. They are likely to have two serious breakups before finally settling own. It will seem like “all is lost” but it’s just a test. If you are part of such a couple, NEVER give an ultimatum. It will blow up in your face with deadly force. A relationship with this much intensity is comprised of some toxins which are harmless if emotionally contained but if they escape containment could be permanently damaging to trust.

Sex: My vote for the sexiest couple of the zodiac. There is the constant thrill of seduction and surrender, the danger of obsessive excesses, usually third party temptations, insatiable appetites and a mutual need to always press the erotic envelope. Taurus pretends to always want to stay in the yellow zone but Scorpio always pushes him over the edge. She may also reward his material advancements with sexual favors as a motivator

When It’s Over: There will be Brinkmanship. There will be hell to pay. There will be a pound of flesh extracted revenge, grudge f****** and paybacks galore. This pair does everything to excess and breaking up is no exception. It’s too bad about their children and other innocent bystanders. “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

Our Rating: 9/10

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