Gemini Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Gemini-Leo Couples: John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy

This is a merry combination. These two people can enjoy running circles around each other. Gemini is Mercurial — always fascinating and nearly impossible to keep up with, which Leo will find entertaining (like he could be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys). That is until the monkey starts the real monkey business. If you are serious about pursuing this ephemeral bit of phosphorous, Dear Leo, be prepared to take what comes with it – a wilderness of loose ends. The sun starts and stops with the Gemini who will tend to rely on Leo’s sense of responsibility and organizational skills to a wearying degree. Still he is so charming it may seem worth it for a long time. You are so good at putting the leash on that pesky little primate.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Leo Woman: Be a good audience. Try to ignore the shadow of his Evil Twin; it is embarrassing to him, you know — and you’ll have plenty of time to make his acquaintance later. You might use your great acting skills to pretend that you fall for his little boy charm and your business-like patience to tolerate his sudden whims and changes, which will drive you to distraction later on. With your left hand over your shoulder, you can display your organizational ability because secretly he wants someone to handle all the adult responsibilities in the relationship so that he can play the pied piper.

How to Attract a Leo Woman as a Gemini Man: There’s nothing that Leo likes more than going to the circus, so the fact that you yourself are a one-ring circus is bound to catch her attention. Smart enough herself, she is nonetheless intrigued by your mental ability, which, if she mistakes for true intelligence, so much the better. I don’t know how much of this you can muster up, but you must also manage to show that you run the circus as well as hawking the ride. This regal lady will not tolerate loss of control of her personal life by some of the antics for which you are famous. Nor will she be amused by your ready excuses and sheepish grin. If you want to gain her as a partner, which would be smart because she will straighten out all your messes, you had better show her some respect. It begins by showing up on time nicely dressed — come on, you can do it; and for goodness sake leave your bait and switch date plan behind. If you say you’re going to an art exhibit do not turn the car in the direction of the casino at the last minute. By now you’ve stopped reading, so I’ll stop writing.

Degree of Romance: Every Gemini has kissed the blarney stone and can be an incredibly charming suitor. Chances are he could sell ice to an Eskimo and he can get in your under drawers just as easily and keep you laughing all the while. He is likely to keep the romance alive for the duration of your relationship, which is a plus. It can go a long way to make up for his irresponsibility in other areas.

Degree of Passion: Gemini is a shape-shifter and mind-melder. If he wants you, and he figures out that you want passion, he will appear to be the very epitome of passion, and he will continue to be for the duration of the relationship. Giving you what you want permits him to get what he wants – with you or a la carte. You gotta watch this guy carefully. He’s got sticky fingers. (Hence, he probably can’t be bothered to practice safe sex, so act accordingly.)

Degree of Friendship: Gemini has an engaging way of being everybody’s friend. Leo has the reputation of being friendly and popular, but so often pride and ego get in the way. Gemini is the one sign voted most likely to be friends and stay friends with everybody, and this relationship is no exception. Gemini guarantees that the good times will roll, and there’s never a lull in the conversation. Gemini has an incredible ability to remain above it all and cheerful no matter what is going on. Who could ask for more in a friend?

Degree of Marriage: This is not the best combo for marriage because Leo is a fixed sign interested in responsibility and the present, whereas Gemini is a mutable sign attracted to change and variety. If they do continue to work out a relationship, it will be by Leo’s forbearance of Gemini’s transgressions, and Gemi’s forbearance of Leo’s loftiness and command.

Progression of Relationship: Gemini is essentially an unpredictable energy. Courtship will be more like a skirmish than an all-out campaign. Leo will have to read between the lines to understand that something serious is afoot. Gem’s religion is to keep it superficial which can be a constant irritant to the dramatic needs of a Leo.

Sex: Geminis can be inventive and entertaining lovers, but they lack the depth yearned for by a Leo. There will be plenty of sex to be had, but Leo will somehow always leave the table still hungry.

When It’s Over: When it’s over, it will break Leo’s heart as Gemini exits through the trapdoor. Gemini will assume that they will stay friends forever, but Ms. Leo will probably never want to lay eyes on him again. She will feel her pride has endured enough insult for a lifetime.

Our Rating: 6/10

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