Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Sagittarius-Capricorn Couples: Darryl Hannah and Val Kilmer

Philosopher and statesman meet here for a world tour. Together they make up a Philosopher King. There’s nothing these two don’t know about the world and the people in it from a mature and realistic perspective so it thrills them to have two heads instead of one. These two may seem to come together for any number of reasons but underneath it is the desire to form and share an intelligent viable world view. Sagittarius tempers Cap’s sometime cynicism and provides valuable intuitive insight as well as getting Cap to do something besides work and worry. Between the two of them there’s little they don’t know about human nature and the ways of the world so they are destined to be successful in the community and in their careers. This is bound to be a two-career couple.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Sagittarius Woman: It’s perfectly ok to make the first move. Just do it respectfully. Be prepared to loosen him up and help him relax. His answers at first may seem quite stilted. Capricorn are the shyest sign and often have self esteem issues making them fearful of rejection which they cover up with self discipline and austerity. Be warmly reassuring that your interest in him is genuine. His schedule is busier than yours, at least with Important Things, so be prepared to slow down your pace a little. That’s life with a Cappie.

How to Attract a Sagittarius Woman as a Capricorn Man: She’s quite approachable. You’ll just have to figure out if she’s being friendly or if she’s interested in you in a more personal way. One way you can tell is she doesn’t touch you! Yes, she’s the reverse of other women. She slaps, tickles and ribs pals. If it’s love, she keeps her hands to herself. In conversation she prefers general or work-related conversation, world affairs, business trends …. Sports is almost always a good topic. Avoid small talk. Make your time together meaningful from the very beginning. Her calendar is always full and she hates just going through the motions.

Degree of Romance: Romance isn’t of particular interest with these two. They’d rather pursue success and improve themselves spiritually and intellectually.

Degree of Passion: Passion is passe here. It gets in the way of Capricorn’ carefully laid plans and is considered suspect and unreliable by the philosophically bent Sagittarian.

Degree of Friendship: These two can create a lifelong bond of friendship based on mutual respect and wisdom they both have on how to nurture a relationship.

Degree of Marriage: Absolutely excellent.

Progression of Relationship: There should ensue a respectful and carefully timed pursuit of the best in relating. Gradually their good conversations get even better. They find several quality interests they share. They admire the other one’s friends and family. They begin to see how much they have in common that others don’t have. Their dates tend to include others in the community or cultural events, likely some business entertaining as well. Capricorn is proud for his friends to see him with such an intelligent woman. He will love the way you dress.

Sex: Really outstanding sex is based on all the things these two have going for them! Sex is above all a means of communication and these two share a secret world no others may enter. All I can tell you is it is sort of like Christmas morning every time they go in there together.

When It’s Over: If absolutely necessary, their conduct will be above reproach. They may remain lifelong friends. Sag will be stoic and Cap will be philosophical, showing how much they learned from each other.

Our Rating: 10/10

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