Libra Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Libra-Capricorn Couples: Dita von Tees and Marilyn Manson, Edith Galt and Woodrow Wilson, Jayne Meadows and Steve Allen

Never was a marriage more of a partnership agreement than with these two who work beautifully with one another in tandem toward common goals. Each sign is good at goal setting and defining areas of responsibility for mutual efforts. They commit by nature for efficiency) and they really enjoy the partnership process, believing that “two heads are better than one”. Each has been waiting their whole life for a faithful (accountable) sidekick almost as if the attainment of one were a rite of passage. Because of this the outlining of duties can be a bit tense. They will take social obligations with an earnestness approaching fanaticism, keeping careful track of what they did with each couple and what is expected in return. They will be careful to return invitations within the proper time frame. They enjoy entertaining but are not particularly good at getting the right mix of people together.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man as a Libra Woman: Dress conservatively and appropriately for the occasion. Have your hair under control LOL. Be businesslike. Use your superior social skills to keep the conversation going. Understand that his reserve masks a great deal of shyness and fear of rejection. If you don’t ever want to see him again, try teasing him or being bossy. First and foremost, you don’t have to control everything around the guy and the date. Believe me when I tell you that in his own quiet way, he runs things better than you could ever dream of. You finally found someone you can relax with if you only you will. For God’s sake do yourself a favour and try saying “yes” for three months straight rather than “yes, BUT …”. Don’t bring your friends into the picture till you’ve met his family. I really mean this. I know It will be hard but it’s important. It makes a very strong statement that means something to him.

How to Attract a Libra Woman as a Capricorn Man: You will have to find an icebreaker (pray hard!!!!) She won’t always judge you on your social skills but they are pretty important at first. Your best bet is to compliment something attached to her but not personal such as a glimpse at her keyring. Say it is “clever” or “interesting” or “different”. That’s enough to get her talking. If you don’t do well right away and are really struck with her, this is one case where I recommend a dating coach.

Degree of Romance: This couple will follow protocols largely because they lack the imagination to get off the beaten path. Capricorn, be careful because in the romance department Libra is the Queen of Withholds and Scorekeeping. She will have a set of internalized expectations about romantic behaviour (“If he really loved me, he would … “) She will withhold her displeasure when you fail to read her mind but it goes on the scoreboard under “Strikes Left”. When you strike out for the last time, which is some arbitrary, made up rule she has, she will then sandbag or ”unload” on you out of nowhere with invectives and diatribes because 1>you didn’t do this and >2 you didn’t do that >3 and another thing …. That’s when you find out what a good scorekeeper she is. This will be the first time you’ve heard of your sins of omission so you’re caught completely off guard. Now you also know how good she is at 1> setting you up, 2> keeping you in the dark and 3> unloading with both barrels.

Degree of Passion: There may be a lot of hatred in this relationship from time to time but not any passion. If they go to any extremes it will be contempt and ridicule without mercy … ouch! Libra can be singularly lacking in compassion and with her help in wardrobe selection, Capricorn easily slips into the hair suit.

Degree of Friendship: Do friends badger each other? I doubt if it weren’t for sexual attraction, they would like being alone together more than a few minutes except for some sly social climbing on Capricorn’s part.

Degree of Marriage: This is good marriage material particularly when focused on external achievements, careers and child rearing.

Progression of Relationship: The relationship will proceed according to Libra’s particular logic. She does a lot of testing which Capricorn plods willingly through. During courtship may be the only time Capricorn performs this well, so, Libra, enjoy!

Sex: Sex is always negotiable between these two. Far from a feeling or emotion and hardly an undeniable physical urge, it is basically a bargaining tool. It is not unlikely for Libra to hold out for a new toaster oven and Cappie won’t even see the humour. His sense of himself as provider – and her ongoing and incessant propaganda that he is so lucky to have her — dictate that he gives while she receives.

When It’s Over: Libra may never appreciate Capricorn til he’s gone.

Our Rating: 8/10

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