Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Gemini Couple: Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks

It is hard to imagine this couple combination except that Gemini men have such universal appeal. An Aries girl might enjoy the challenge. These two would have to have other things in the chart that are compatible to even get off the ground, though. They are different in their approach to almost everything: love, romance, life, sex, and passion.

How to Attract a Gemini Man as an Aries Woman: You will probably love trying to attract a Gemini man because it is such a challenge to keep his interest. You’ll have to be quick-footed, nimble, and a little more flirtatious than your basic nature. Gemini are turned off by anything too stable, predictable, or steady. You will also have to be trendy and sophisticated, able to carry on a good conversation, have a variety of interests, and perhaps more than a dabbling of culture. A Gemini man is likely to be really up on trends and somewhat disdainful of people who are out of it or a day or two behind on the news. Try clever text messages which catch him on the fly, and don’t answer his right away. That should keep him guessing.

How to Attract an Aries Woman as a Gemini Man: You’ve got a tiger by the tail here, so be careful. You’re both full of energy, though hers is more physical than yours. She does approach the world with her mind, though, so you’re sharp tongue and great sense of humour will be an asset. The lady ram will love it when you get her to laugh at herself. She craves adventure, so invite her to experience something new with you. The trouble will come if you don’t follow through on your promises or break your word. She doesn’t have time to play games. Stand her up or forget her name and you’ll regret it. I can’t say how she’ll respond for sure, but I can say you won’t like it.

Degree of Romance: If the Aries female can keep it light, there is a chance for some fun-hearted flirting and dazzling footwork on the dance floor. Romance as an ideal will always be present when these two get together. The Gemini man is good at the appearance of almost anything, so there will be token attempts at courtship and verbal protestations of love.

Degree of Passion: While the Aries female will be excited by the Gemini’s advances, she will be disappointed when he is fickle about following through or slightly detached and mechanical in his approach to love making. Gemini are not really comfortable with bodies or sexuality. They prefer to fantasize or have phone sex. He is also probably going to do a lot of texting innuendos and she’ll get requests for special photos cell-to-cell. This might get very boring to the passionate Aries female.

Degree of Friendship: These two can have a lot of fun together. They are both interested in a wide variety of things. They each probably have a lot of friends of the opposite sex. There is not likely to be a lot of jealousy or possessiveness about spending time apart. These two can laugh off just about anything, which is one of the signs of true friendship.

Degree of Marriage: Aries can be an anchor for Gemini because she is willing to ground him periodically and hold his feet to the flames of responsibility. Deep in their hearts most Gemini men are not crazy about the idea of settling down, but if anyone could make them do it, it’s an Aries female.

Progression of Relationship: Things will be fun and exciting from the get-go. There is likely to be a lot of chasing and “catch me if you can.” The Aries will feel challenged even if she is not being engaged by the disinterested Gemini half the time. The difficulty will come in building to a crescendo, and the Aries female may be disappointed with the sexual aspect of the relationship. If these can be overcome, friendship is not a bad basis for marriage and that they will have a plenty.

Sex: The biggest hurdle here is attracting Gemini’s attention. He is more likely to have sex if something else is also going on (try turning on the television). A good way to get him warmed up is to start talking about it, especially in odd places or at inappropriate times. Keep talking dirty during sex, and he’ll probably be back for more.

When It’s Over: If Aries decides to end this – and my bet is she’ll be the one to call it quits — there will be screaming, breaking of personal items, and perhaps even a little pushing and shoving, none of which will faze the twins who are so detached they treat her outbursts like a circus act. This, it turns, makes her even madder. How will it go if Gemini ends it? When he stops answering her texts, let’s hope she takes the hint. This gentleman dislikes sticky emotional scenes, confrontation, responsibility, and the care and feeding of female hearts. I warned you, ladies. This relationship can degenerate into one of the worst situations in the zodiac: the outraged Aries chasing the Gemini escape artist all over town looking for a confrontation. Neither of you is noted for emotional maturity, but you are admired for your resilience. Try to appeal to the angels of your better nature.

Our Rating: 5/10

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